School Uniforms

School Uniforms       

Parents can order Al-Salam Day School uniforms from here. School Source Code: QS5DCQM

Other websites where uniform pieces can be purchased at:

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the uniforms: 

 How do I order ADS approved uniforms from 

First visit the website Enter the correct school source code:QS5DCQM. You’ll be able to order all school approved for girls in grades KG-5 and boys in grades KG-11. 

Do we have to add the uniform patch logo to our child’s uniform? 

Yes. For the 2015-2016 academic school year, parents should add a school logo patch to student uniforms.

One of the criteria for Students of the Week is for students to follow school uniform policy. In the previous year’s brochure, we informed parents that the uniform patches were optional last year, but would be required this year as part of the uniform. In order for students to be considered for “Student of the Week”, the student must be wearing a uniform with the ADS logo attached.

Follow the directions to add a uniform logo patch to a uniform. Embroidery patches are only given as options for the clothing items they can be attached to. If the option is not there, the embroidery patch cannot be added.

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Enter “1” next to With Embroidery for each item you would like to have the embroidery logo patch added. (Enter “2” if you are order two of that item, etc.)
Enter “1” next to the Without Embroidery if you’d like to add an item to your cart without a logo patch.

What is the uniform policy for girls in grades 6-12? 

Students must purchase ADS abayas or ADS tunics from the main office. Please visit the ADS main office to view and purchase the student’s tunic and/or abayas.

Abayas: $35

Tunics: $25

If your size is not available in the main office, you can order your correct size. Email  and inform us of which item, abaya or tunic, you’d like to order, the quanitity, and the size. Please enter the name of the person ordering the item, the student’s name and grade, and your contact information in the email. You child may wear a black abaya until your ADS approved abaya or tunic arrives. 

Convenient online order forms coming soon!

In addition, girls in grade 6-11 must wear a clean white hijab every day. Two piece hijabs or wrap-around hijabs are permitted.